Thursday, May 15, 2014


Had such a wonderful dream last night.

I was in the Magic Castle, in Hollywood. It's a hundred-ish-year-old mansion converted with cleverness and dumpster-diving into a very special place, but it's easily one of the most wheelchair UNfriendly places I've ever been. So unfriendly that I pretty much never go there anymore, which is too bad, because I had ever so much fun there, back in the pre-accessorized days.

And in this dream I'm walking, yes walking, around the Magic Castle, and I say to myself, "I think I'm going to walk up the stairs. Because I can." And I did. And it was fun.

This morning, I'm awake (or so I call it, although not "awake" Buddha-style. Yet.) and I'm typing this while sitting in my wheelchair. I'm going to do all my Morning Stuff from, in, or transferred from, my wheelchair. Because walking, dream-style, ain't happening. Yet. Will it happen some day? Who knows?

I will keep up my Castle membership, though, for many reasons besides "just in case." After all, looking back over our lives, haven't there been many truly amazing moments that, at some point, hadn't happened yet... and then did. Because one never knows what will, or may, or can, happen, but just hasn't.


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