Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Doesn't matter

There was a really sweet moment, in Adult Swim's new Rick and Morty series. Morty and his sister Summer have a real, intense, powerful memento mori moment (which sort of thing happens a lot on that show)...

But afterwards, they get posited some challenging and direct questions, to which they smile and say happily,

"Doesn't matter."

I see this (minus as in-your-face memento moments as pictured above) in my garden. Something has happened to some plant; it's still rooted, but it has been sorta kinda bent and twisted and knocked over. It's nothing like it once was; I'm amazed at how alive it still is, given its current state.

Sound familiar?

And yet the plant smiles. It loves the sun, it loves the attention of the bees, it's very happy. Knocked over? Nearly ripped out of the ground? Brought down from three feet high to three inches high?

Doesn't matter.

Ram Dass asks "Where are you? Here. What time is it? Now." It's certainly more poetic, but it interposes very interestingly with Morty and Summer's smiling statement:

When is it? Doesn't matter. It's now. Where are you? Doesn't matter. You're here.

It's definitely a morning to put "doesn't matter" to the test, as Tolkien often posited ("coming to the test" is huge in the Lord of the Rings books). But here it is, today. I'm nearly unable to operate this computer keyboard; I'm unable to five-finger "touch type," I'm using mainly index finger and thumb, especially with my right hand. The mouse presents its own problems. I was hoping to write some music, whoich maybe maybe maybe I'll do but then again maybe not; I may need to lie down and expect, with hope, the "elimination issues" to behave a little more accomodatingly. And yes I know that word has "commode" in it, let's not go there, lexically at least, for now.

So I can't eliminate the way I wish I could, I may not be able to write music the way I wish I could, I'm almost unable to two-finger-type even for short things like this. Here, and now, at least. But I go to look at the back garden, I feel the sun and smell the air, and I am left with as inescapable a conclusion:

When is it? Doesn't matter. It's now. Where are you? Doesn't matter. You're here.

No mater where you are, gentle reader, the same is true for you. Go outside and feel the sun however you can. Feel the wind and taste the air--where I live, the air changes every five minutes or so, it's quite amazing. You are where you are; when, is simply now. Like me, you ma have neurological nonsense that is preventing you from doing what you want.

Doesn't matter. You're here, it's now. 

Which is, actually, a pretty nice place to be, if you just see it for what it is. Here; and now.

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