Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Well, I suppose we could go through the Litany of Malfunctions, but that ain't gonna help anybody, myself included...

I could go down the Just Physical Stuff road.. I can tell you, potential Cath Club members, that gentleness has its own special magic... I'm back to Bard caths, bigger in diameter than the GentleCaths and less subtle than the GentleCaths, but if you wait until B-san is psyched to empty and, remembering the magic combo of Goop and Angle, just be gentle... Ask nicely when you come to the ProsGate, as I call it, ask to go  in gently,  and Alan B-san will invite you in, if he's psyched to have you. Changing from "C'mon,  lemme in, dammit!" to "Here I am, if you please," and the Bard cath becomes gentle. Plus, it has superior "plumbing" to let the liquid flow out, two holes instead of one which lets Alan empty much more enthusiastically, and that's definitely win-win.

A brief pause... and we're back I should rejoice at how enthusiastic my kidneys are. Clearly, no problem there, especially when they shift into "diuretic" mode. Well, I'm trying to stay hydrated, so whaddaya gonna do? More in, more out, that's the way of things... which, in the big picture, is good!

And on another note... Friends, spiritual work. That's what I, and if I may be so bold to suggest, we MSers all, really need to do. What else have we? The ... stuff... that is proffered as MS "treatments" doesn't always work. At all. Well, they do what they do, they help some people sometimes, but spiritual work helps everybody. And no side effects... they only have a primary effect: liberation.

Follow the one that calls to you. I'm working very hard on the one that calls to me, and it's working wonderfully. It's making me feel something that no medical or pharmacological treatment has even gotten close to:


Do my fingers fail? Yep. Am I still in the Cath Club? Oh yeah. Is there an ever-increasing list of tragic malfunctions, difficulties, losses? Hell yeah. But if I do the work, or as my spiritual advisor calls it, The Work, because it IS work, how do I feel?


Try it. You might just like it.

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