Thursday, February 27, 2014

What else

Traveling many a different road...

Symptomatically, things are pretty much the same. Still in the wheelchair, still in the Cath Club, still sometimes need to lie down and do nothing.

But I'm traveling roads that were overdue for me to take, which I would probably never dealt with except my current MS experience made me confront them.

Eating... feel (or maybe  "feel") hungry? Eat something. Eat less at a sitting, but more frequently. Running too long on empty is definitely an energy sapper.

Honesty... speak the truth with love. Especially when you're talking to the people you actually do love.

Letting go... again, speak the truth with love. What They did (whoever "They" may be) is unreachable; it's past and gone. But how I feel about it... may still be a chain around me, Jacob Marley style.

And simply to say "I feel...[whatever]," spoken about and usually to only myself and with love... snaps a link. Sometimes even removes a chain.

Living with MS is just like living with, you know, life. Things fail. Or don't. Or do. Who's to know when and what and how? And this comes to each of us... standing  up is hard, holding things is hard, typing is hard, getting into the shower is hard, eating is hard. Well, the fact that everyone has to go through this doesn't help me deal with it, the fact that it's coming upon me sooner than the bell curve of the general population, my age & such included in the calculation, doesn't make me feel better.

But being truthful, and gentle, and honest... those do.

And what's one of the first things we learn, in the life with MS?
Do the best you can, however you can, at the moment that you try. 

And for all of us, MS or not... what else is there, than that?

Besides, of course... tell the truth with love.

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Anonymous said...

I like your quote. It's similar to one I saved years ago "Do what you can with what you have in the time you’re allotted."