Sunday, February 9, 2014

Start today

We're not there yet. But we're beginning to turn the corner towards the season of Wood, the element of Springtime.

But here's the interesting thing about growing things in the Real World. Growth just... grows. The way it was meant to, the way it was "born" to, the way it "came from the factory" to do.

Parents see how that works with their kids. Yeah, X has their father's/mother's [whatever], but they are completely unique and although they may do things that are familiar, nobody does things the way THEY do because only THEY are... they.

Again, think of wood in the real world. You can encourage it... help it... train it... Yes, you may need to do some pruning, but there's always a price, sometimes one worth paying, sometimes not...

But wood, either real world or Five Element style, does not like being blocked. Being cut off. It's happy to go around things and be trained, but cut? It does NOT like being cut, it does NOT like being blocked so that it can't grow because the path it wants to take has been blocked.

Wood is not a happy place for people who like controlling things. Wood will accept training, will accept support, but does not like "no, grow THIS way" control... because growth really really just wants to ... grow. To do what it was "born" to do, the way it was born to do it.

So all of us, and especially us who travel the MS Highway, are being told--told!--to grow. Specifically in the way that growth wants to grow. The Way We Always Did Things is not an option. Growth wants to ... grow. The way IT wants to grow.

The way that is precisely going to happen to each of us is, well, unique. We came from the factory specifically designed to grow in THAT way, whichever way "that" happens to fall.

So, as we're approaching the season of Wood, and the glories of spring... clearly, for each and all of us, it's time to grow. The way "grow" wants to grow. MS and all. Or not. Or lots of it.

So, we are all called simply to...


An interesting approach, given daily examples of "I can't do that right now..." Which will in the fullness of time turn into "I can't do that any more," which is pretty much the way of all flesh, as the Good Book would tell us, even if we're trying our best not to cling to the declaration of "disability."

So, snow and ice or not, rain or not, cold or not, when the time comes to let everything go and just grow...

Let's do that.

And why not... start today? Spring or not, just let go and...

Grow. However we happen to do that... that's our "thing." So...

Start today.

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