Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Pepys. AGAIN. Still...

Oh, I had a dream today... so many dreams...

Sit down and do a little blogging. Maybe do a little business. Maybe write a little music. Maybe even go out to lunch.

Nope. This blogging thing ain't gonna last long, and then that's all she wrote. All I wrote. Back to bed. Probably to get up for eating. Probably not for much else.

I'm about as bad as I get, here and now...

Yesterday, to add insult to injury (or injury to insult), my legs collapsed just after (fortunately just after) I had managed to insert a Dulcolax suppository, when my legs completely gave out from under me and I hit the floor.

This is an all-time new bit of comedy... shove something (medicinal, of course) up your butt, then collapse and hit the floor. And be unable to get up until your wife figured out you were screaming for help and between the two of us, get me onto the pot before the whole reason I put in the suppository finally ... happened, let's say.

Well, everything came out alright, as the saying goes, but hitting the floor because your legs collapse is pretty much paradigm "no fun."

And of course, I've gotta do this all again--minus the "hit the floor" thing, I hope--because "B-san" is now "Bowel-san" not just "Bladder-san."


Well, tragedy plus time equals comedy, as the saying goes... I wonder how long I'll have to wait before this becomes actually funny?

I've got more to share, but that ain't gonna happen, right now. I've got another acupuncturing being done on Saturday... we'll see if that one lasts longer than the last one.

The last one, he did an amazing job. I felt better than I have for years. YEARS. It was truly beautiful.

Lasted maybe 45 minutes. And then it was over. And now I'm back to feeling as bad as I get.

Ah, but those 45 minutes... Art is long, but life is short, and so (right now, at least) is acupuncture.

And that's as long as I've got for you... for anyone, today. So, as Samuel Pepys was famous for saying, "And so to bed."

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