Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Victory in a bowl of soup

Victory, this evening!

Went shopping (OK, I did use the drive-it cart for the shopping itself), prepped the ingredients (Chinese cooking takes lots of chopping), cooked the dinner—velvet corn and crabmeat soup, one of my cold-weather all-time favorites—and washed all the dishes. Standing. Without sitting down and working from a chair—I stood up through the whole thing, just like I used to... in the Before Time, prior to The Diagnosis and all that accompanied it.

A victory. Definitely—a victory. Yeah, there was some careening and gabbing for purchases, but by and large, it was completely normal, by the standards of "normal" in the Before Time.

And the soup was good! Wife and I both had seconds and there's a portion waiting for her lunch tomorrow!

A trifecta.

Y'know, we spend so much time on this highway tracking bladder dysfunctions, spasticity, depression, life-changes to the body, mind, and spirit; and when all you do is make and enjoy dinner, and wash the dishes afterwards, and nothing unusual/worth reporting happens...

That's unusual. And worth reporting.

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Muffie said...

Don't you just love those triumphant days!? When they occur, you just want them to last forever! The soup sounds delicious!