Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Metaphors; syntony; radiance

Happy Beltane!

The first day of May. The festival of Beltane. Normally, a day of bright lights and bright colors. But here in "sunny" southern California, it's cloudy, gray, and wet. But oh, are the plants happy. I had tomatoes, basil, and shiso planted in the front yard, and you can positively see our little green friends smiling in this gentle, moist, weather.

Thankfully, on this festival of fire, I got my own Fire reconnected during today's acupuncturing. (Huge relief.)

And on FX, of all things, they're running the film Avatar, about (among many things) a guy who has no control over his legs finding a completely new, and unencumbered by disability, life.

A day of metaphors of contrast: A day of a festival of light and fire, is cool, dark, and rainy; and yet, the plants (which are totally in syntony with Nature—they are Nature, after all) are ... dare I say in the context of the weather, "radiantly"... happy.

And Avatar? It's just a story, I know... but still, a story about a cripple finding liberation; at the final moments, he is transformed by being in complete syntony with Nature. By reaping the radiant benevolence of that Nature.

Radiance takes many forms...

May you feel the radiant bright fire of this very special Beltane.

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