Monday, May 7, 2012

I still laugh

So, for the first time in... oh my, it's FOUR years... I took out my sewing machine and tried to run a seam down something. Something's not quite right in how it's set up, maybe it's mis-threaded, it doesn't quite sew correctly... Maybe it needs to be run by the shop for regular maintenance (which it hasn't been for over ten years), but the whole procedure was full of surprises.

Good surprise: I was afraid that I wouldn't have enough control in my foot to operate the sewing machine's pedal. I did! I was able to run the machine very easily, that was probably the best part of the whole adventure.

Not as good surprise: I dropped the bobbin, reached down to pick it up, and slid spectacularly, and quite noisily, off the chair. A bit of an "ouch" moment, hitting the ground that way, but no damage to me or anything else.

And the worst surprise (which, honestly, wasn't that surprising, and certainly not as much as a "surprise" as slipping off the chair and hitting the floor): I had a horrible time seeing things, like the eye of the needle when I tried to thread it. Tried two pairs of glasses, the computer glasses and the(progressive) bifocals. Neither worked well or comfortably. There didn't seem to be any way I could actually see, clearly or comfortably, what was going on.

Was it The Disease? Hell no. What was it?


Almost makes one prefer the malfunctions of The Disease. Or not. But still, one tries so hard to live with, to work around, to counteract, the ravages of The Disease... but age? No avoiding that.

But, I'm happy to say, even when faced with the ravages of Age instead of The Disease...

I still laugh.

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