Sunday, May 20, 2012

Qi Gong, school, and dentists

Earlier today, a visit to my wonderful Qi Gong practitioner. An easy way of describing his work is "acupuncture without needles."

Here's a brief description of a typical visit... I tell him, "My legs are cold." He gently pushes a spot on my shoulders, waves his hands over my legs, and walks out of the room. Fifteen seconds later... my legs warm up.

He told me that his observation today was that, actually, I'm (just a little bit) better than I was the last time I saw him. Nowhere near "cured," of course, but... just a little bit... better. It was from an energy-worker's perspective... he talked about how energy actually went into my legs (unlike before), my legs never twitched (like before), a couple other from-an-energy-worker's perspective changes... but improvements, nonetheless.

He also said that every one of his M.S. patients is up, then down, then up, then down... Except me; me, I only get worse. Never better (today's micro-improvement doesn't count). I just get worse.

Well, I always was an outlier.

I'm seeing him again in two weeks, before I play the organ at a commencement. I always see him before that event; he always supercharges me wonderfully and gets me through a very challenging seven-minute processional.

But he also told me... like my other doctors have also told me... it's time to quit working full time. Good to do something to keep the mind active, of course, but full-time work? Time for that to end.

And so it will. Tomorrow is the last time that I have to get up to the "time for school" alarm. I have three classes; and I say farewell to my last (possibly "ever") class tomorrow, just a little before 1PM. That's going to be very strange, and possibly very moving.

And then... I go to the dentist. Hardly a momentous "farewell," is it?

M.S. isn't the only thing responsible for "comedy you can't write." Just like life... sigh. (giggle)

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Judy at Peace Be With You said...

Robert, may your transition be peaceful, illuminative, and brimming with joy’s possibilities.