Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Three action items

Double doctor's appointment today; acupuncture and herbs.

Acupuncturist opened a block, and needled several points named "gate," including the Gate of Life. I'm hoping its effect holds true to its name (and was worth the pain, 'cause dang, it hurt).

Had an interesting verging-on-a-dharma-talk about acceptance, and am I really accepting, or even acknowledging, the impact MS has on my life (in a word, "no") and how deferring rather than engaging takes more energy. Gee, it's not bad enough my nervous and immune systems are at odds with each other, I'm losing energy by not dealing with the pain. Go figure.

Had another, completely different, but just as interesting talk with my herbalist. He's going to try to address some of the problems specific to my leg control (and thus, inability to control the organ's pedal board). He talked about his approach, and a lot of other, very interesting things... but the upshot of the day was: Stick to your diet, keep taking your herbs, and don't give up. One of the nicest things he said (with a really quite wonderful smile) was "We never give up, here."

Now, that... that I can do.

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