Friday, April 1, 2011

Fifty percent comfortable

A truly, truly beautiful day in Southern California. 82 degrees, the phone says. All the windows in the house are open, and the fresh air is truly a delight.

The picture shows a portion of the Japanese Garden in the Huntington Library. Like me, it has seen better days; it still has a special beauty, but it is not what it once was. Unlike me, it's getting renovated... it'll be closed for a year, and then reopen, even more glorious than ever.

I should be so lucky.

But to return to the weather: wonderfully warm, simply delightful. And I'm already overheated, and sitting in my skivvies as I type this.

Overheated, that is, except for my legs, which after months of being horribly cold, are finally edging towards "warm enough."

Great. I'm Schrödinger's MS patient. I'm 50% comfortable. Am I comfortable? Am I uncomfortable? Nope—I'm 50% comfortable.

Well, at least the 50% comfortable part is comfortable.

And, with any luck, I too will soon be granted an overdue renovation, and emerge even better than before. Until then...

Well, 50% is higher than it could be, I guess. You take what you can get, in this business.

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