Monday, May 24, 2010

Whispers; possibilities

I think I may be hearing whispers... suggestions of the road I should be taking.

The presenter at this weekend's orchestration seminar offered some thoughts about why we create music. Now, truth be told, his thoughts did have a bit of "stoner profundity" about them... (in other words, they were the sort of thing one would come up with after a long smoking session, and the more stoned you were, the more profound they'd seem) but that didn't mean they weren't true.

Looking over some of the orchestrational techniques, I had ideas about how to approach a piece I've wanted to write for a long time; some possibilities which, if they offer what they promise, will clear some long-held writer's blocks.

Right now, they're still just ideas...

But I haven't had these kinds of ideas... real ideas, powerful ideas... for quite a while.

Having the gumption to actually sit down and do music writing... that has been a problem, recently. No ideas+no gumption=nothing gets created. But a big energy drain, daily teaching/slogging to and through school, will be clear soon. The summer tech team is going to want me to help them, but I won't have to do eight-hour days, and I can work on my own schedule.


At least... finally... I can feel that there are possibilities. Some roads that I had considered taking, over the past few days... I can tell now, are closed. But now... maybe, finally, I may be sensing one that is opening. Perhaps a path and a doorway that has always been open... but now, I think I may be feeling a gentle breeze wafting through that open door, beckoning me to walk through it.

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