Friday, May 7, 2010

Gentle joys

We're winding down to (basically) the final month of school. Last day of instruction, June 4. On which very little instruction will be given, but we like to pretend.

I only teach ninth graders. I do interact with students at all levels, but in the classroom, the way things are currently set up, I only teach ninth graders... so at the end of this year, I'll never have these kids in class again. Ever.

And this past week, I've really, really enjoyed being with them. Even the screwballs. I've had many, many wonderful moments, simply explaining "computer stuff" to them. Really enjoyed seeing them smile when they saw how to solve a problem, especially when we solved it in a really cool way.

They'll stay friends; some of them will stay good friends. We'll do theater tech together, we'll play in the orchestra, a few of them will stay in anime club, probably until they graduate. I stay on good terms with all my former students, long after they've left school.

But our time together is ending. And it's beautiful, our time together.

I have never felt its beauty as much as I have this year.

A gift of MS.

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