Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Relief=Therapy (for once)

Y'know, it's really wonderful to have your primary care physician also be a full-on card-carrying neurologist. It's even better when you get to see him every week because he's also your acupuncturist.

One of my ongoing symptoms is sensations of cold, especially in the right leg, and it's worst from the knee down. Both my legs are running cold, but my right leg is worse (and it's also developing some motor problems, possibly because of the sensory/temperature problem).

Sitting in hot water--bathtub, or even better jacuzzi--feels wonderful. I do have to be careful not to overheat my core, but I can stay in to-the-waist hot water for hours.

So, my doctor says, go ahead and sit in hot water. What happens (if I can remember his explanation correctly) is that the warmth provides sensory stiumlation, which provides the nervous system input... which the nervous system uses to re-educate itself, to create new pathways that go around the cold/insensitivity problem.

I said, "So... symptom relief is actually therapy?"

He says, "In this case... yes."

Some times, the good guys win. I am SO hitting the tub tonight.

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