Monday, October 12, 2009


OK. So, this fall, I've been able to slam out an homage-to-Vaughan-Williams anthem in ultra-short order, and just finished today writing a Viennese-esque waltz for that's going to be (presuming the director likes it, which I think he will) part of the background music for the high school's winter play, and last week I slammed out a set design for the very same play, and Wednesday I'll probably be able to finish the set model. And I'm in darned good shape for my presentation that I'll be giving at a magician's conference next week. (Next week?!? oh my...)

Now, I know I get an energy boost in the fall, and the autumnal energy has been uncharacteristically good--if not uncharacteristically present, here in LA. I get more of an autumnal energy jag in Las Vegas, the middle of the Nevada desert, than here in LA. Nothing like New England, of course, but I'm here and it's there and that's the way it goes. Anyway, I am not at all disappointed or discommoded at suddenly being able to be creative, suddenly being able just to sit up at the computer and work with it, something I haven't been able to do for the entirety of the summer.

There's got to be a reason. MS seasonality? My own Fire energy not playing nicely with the Fire of the Fire season? (energetic Fire, not the brush fire that swept through the too-nearby hills)

Of course, now we're into the "my legs are wicked cold" season. The top half of me just loves the crisper weather, especially after the summer. My legs want me to hurry up and buy some new long underwear. Now. Really... now. Maybe I should go back to the Pasadena Plunge and their lovely jacuzzi.

Now that I have energy again... maybe I just will.

Oh, it is so nice to have good news to report, for a change.

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