Friday, October 30, 2009

How are you feeling?

An interesting question to ask someone with a malfunctioning nervous system.

The answer I gave someone this morning was, "Well, I 'feel' oddly, but I definitely 'feel' great!"

An interesting week. Various pots are boiling in my various spheres of travel (all political BS), but I'm not taking any heat from them. They're not my problem, and I'm definitely not inviting their turmoil into my life. In the upcoming week, I have to prep for a funeral I'm playing next Saturday for a colleague at the school who just died of some sort of brain cancer. Kids are singing "For good" from Wicked (for those who don't know the lyrics, they're all about the effect someone had on your life, the lyric ends with "Because I knew you, I have been changed... for good.") They want me to shake the plaster loose on the postlude, which I'm quite happy to oblige. It's a big Gothic stone church, they tell me it's got a great organ, and I'll do my best to blow out the windows. Thank you, Virgil Fox, for showing me how to let the light of the divine shine forth from the organ. And how to play real loud, that's fun too.

I need to write some music this weekend for a performance 12/20, finishing by next Wednesday at the latest so I can get it xeroxed in time for Thursday rehearsal. Need to write some OTHER music for a play at the high school. Need to build sound effects for a yet another, different play at the high school. Need to create a PowerPoint presentation for my ninth graders, to be shown in 10 days, about putting power back into PowerPoint, using what I hope will be humorous graphics appropriated from some of their favorite TV shows. And yet, I think I can do it, all of it. Man, what a difference from this summer. I even made dinner tonight, for the first time in way, way, WAY too long. Plan is to make cheese scones tomorrow, and just maybe, bring some with me to kyudo class. I miss my kyudo friends; the class is quite formal in the Japanese bushido tradition, which I used to enjoy but now may be a little rigorous for me. I'm a little self-conscious about my walking, I'm also a more than a little concerned about my walking, my balance is, shall we say, a moving target. (The first of those I should get over, especially among friends, but the second is a different issue.) In any case, it's certainly not kosher to use the bow as a cane, and I've had to do that more than I like in my own practice sessions. But it will be Celtic new year tomorrow (Sambhain), so it's a fitting day for a little bit of a celebration.

I think I've only got at most another week of "autumnal buzz" left, we're really moving into the Water season pretty quickly here in LA, which I've never found particularly supportive, energetically speaking. The cold I feel in my legs has been getting painfully cold, I've been lying with my feet under an electric blanket in bed. But, the spirit of the Water element is restoration of your deepest resources... who knows, this winter might be different, maybe for once the season will bring me some of that innermost restoration.

And wouldn't that be nice?

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