Sunday, April 9, 2017

As the saying goes...

Things stay the same, things keep changing.

Someone sent me something about the Absolute Latest Wonderful MS treatment. Works, does it? Well, depends on who you ask. And what you ask them.

Makes one long for the simplicity of the plumbus,

I'n pretty much running on empty, energetically. In the last week or so, I have sent my wife off to a local Japanese meditation garden, here in Pasadena even! Last night, she was off to see Stupid Fucking Bird... quite the show, I hear. Sending her off to have this kinda fun is one of my greatest joys! No, send OFF isn't the fun part... it's the joy she feels and absolutely radiates that is my source of joy. Which, by the way, I can feel her radiating from across town.

There's not a lot of fun here on the MS Highway, but radiant joy is good for everyone. Everyone.

So, there's your prescription for today. Find joy, share joy. Doesn't matter how or why.

As the saying goes...

Just do it!

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