Monday, July 18, 2016

It has indeed been a while since I blogged at y'all. Things have been unchanged, things have been very changed.

Well, I have little energy... a fantastic days is one where I can take myself down the ramp into the back patio, and then take myself back up. The whole "sitting at the computer" to do stuff, not so much.

I have no television (long story) so I have no way of watching conventions "live" like I used to in the good old days of actually having a working TV. This is good news..really, what's gonna happen that's gonna actually mean something?

But MS wise, I'm basically withering.

What else? My MD/acupuncturist/neurologist/spiritual advisor is out of action... He's shot through with stage-4 cancer, doing the chemo thing, I've placed an "I love you" call, but no response no news.

I don't imagine he'll be blogging any time soon. What's there to say? "I'm stuck in chemo, it sucks."

But it has been a delightful time to simply be here now, as Ram Dass likes to say. The days are often quite sparkling before they heat up to nasty summer hot, I love hearing the birds chattering and maybe even seeing some butterflies. The wind changes every few minutes, the scent changes--sometimes you can even smell the burger place down the street doing mad with burger-izing.

So that's what I got on offer at the moment. Stay cool, stay hydrated! Happy summer!

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