Monday, July 25, 2016

A good place to start

It's definitely time to visit the "gifts" world... rather than the "barrage of symptoms, creative things not created, especially like the things that used to be so trivial to create,  and a growing list of tragic losses" that seem to be the sine qua non of the life lived with MS. Rather, I think it might be better to explore the gifts that have been presented me. Yes, gifts.

Pasadena has been horribly hot, 100+ temperatures by 3PM. But this morning, it has been more like 72. And the sun is warming, not baking... at least not yet. I had a cup of tea and a superb English muffin, toasted and blueberry jam! I sat outside and smelled the air... looked at the trees and the clouds... Listened to the birds and the city... someone was doing old-school woodworking, using non-pneumatic manual hammers. And then, the power saw, coming from another direction.

In a few minutes, I sat on the veranda puffing at my vape stick. Life was very, very good. And all I needed to do was just be there, and pay attention. No side effects, beyond I dunno... inner peace?

So MS has led me to a place where I sit. And breathe. and listen. Would I like to return to the "beauty making" place? Hell yes. But all things in their own time.

But, at the moment, Thing One is to enjoy being alive.

A good place to start.

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