Friday, June 24, 2016


So I've been contemplating typing this blog entry for days, yes days, all sorts of quiet contemplative things... As you can tell from the date stamps on these posts, that hasn't worked out so good.

More immediate concerns presented themselves this morning. I had zero interest in eating anything, and settling on just giving up wasn't a good long-term solution, so I thought screw it, I'm gonna get stoned. Maybe that'll work.

Two disclaimers: First, I haven't gone into Cheech and Chong style "Get stoned, get the munchies, eat a lot" in decades. That's not usually the road I take, at least. Second, yes this is self medication and self prescription, which most MDs will tell you is OK if done judiciously. But I do my cannabis doses with multiple doctors's approval, so there. And like all those nasty DMDs actually do anything besides move money around.

So I go out onto the veranda, have a few hits, and in short order, I'm totally grooving on my second cereal bowl.

Then I come to the studio and type this.

Sometimes, self-medication works!

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