Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Today's prescription

Here's something for us all to do, gentle readers:

Pay attention.

I am finding that during certain hours, some things work very well, and during others, they don't. Early in the morning, all the transfers from wheelchair to anything else go quite well, quite easily, quite simply. During other hours, they don't go so well and I far too frequently have to call for assistance from a caregiver or my always-amazing wife. Things like move my legs to wherever, help pull up my shorts (trivial to do with two free legs, not always trivial to do with one hand holding me up and one hand on said shorts). Is there something to do about it? I haven't found it yet. But it does keep my attention focused.

And the simplicity of "pay attention" is a good prescription for anyone, MS or not. So, that's the call for all of us, gentle reader, and certainly what I have to do quite soon to do the Early Morning Bathroom Rituals, but fortunately said stuff goes best in the early morning so let's do it and exult in the victories. But before one can rejoice about them, one must perceive them. So, dear readers, i share my prescription with you:

Pay attention.

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