Saturday, February 27, 2016

Today's prescription

It has been a while since I shared with you, gentle readers,

A "symptom" thing y'all might need to know, someday, I hope not, but you never know...

I had a pretty low-grade fever, maybe 100 and a small amount, something like that, but that completely whacked the MS stuff. I could barely transfer from bed to wheelchair and back, especially couldn't do things like once I got my butt back onto the bed, to get my feet up onto the bed... had to call for help from my caregivers such as my ever-caregiving wife. It's bad enough that I'm MS-withering as it is, it gets worst with a fever.

Well, that's gone and I'm back to what passes for normal for me, 98.1 and such. But transfer works as it has for a while, well into "good enough."

And here's another not-at-all fun thing... my eyes have gone whack. They point in different directions. Like Simsons eyes.
See how the one on the left doesn't point in the same direction as the one on the right? That's the idea...

I'm going on an adventure to my optometrist next Friday. We'll see what comes of it. Perhaps "find out" rather than "see" is the operant verb, but we'll ... see.

And a prescription from my acupuncturist... keep "finding the funny." I have been having a hard time simply dealing with fingers going bad at gripping things, what little precision is required of typing, a steady diet of "I'll put this here..." and then "Nope."

My vocalizations of well, I guess despair is the best way to encapsulate it, is unfortunately very similar to the ones the "Jerrys" give in the couple's counseling episode of Rick and Morty. And it is definitely not an example of "find the funny."
It's a sound my wife especially dislikes, and it's only fair and reasonable and understandable, so out of compassion for her alone I need to break myself of the habit. So again here I am called to change the thing most in my power to change... attitude, if not consciousness.

So that's today's prescription. Which I can freely pass along to you.


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