Monday, February 8, 2016

Better is...

Ah, attachment. Subtle, amazingly sneaky.

So, I'm again off-loading some things I don't use any more. One was (is) a black cape... not fancy, but nice, and I have always loved capes and always enjoyed wearing them. They don't work so well with a wheelchair, which nowadays has sartorial priority.

But this I couldn't eBay or sell to anyone... this one needed to be given away. To someone who would make it live again, someone who would enjoy it and make the most of it.

That's its upcoming destination... the recipient is coming to pick it up in a few days, as soon as his wife gets over her winter cold/flu/nasty whatever. My own non-flu-accessorized wife is organizing this, and she says he already loves it.

Love makes things easier to give away. I'm not "giving it up," I'm just relocating it. With love.

And that's not "getting rid of" something. It's making someone happy.

Which makes EVERYTHING better.

Better is... better, isn't it?

Sure is!

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