Friday, October 3, 2014

Maybe five

Man, yesterday really drove the whole "M.S. people need to stay cool" thing home.

So, following doctor's orders to "get out of the damned house," I went on a lunch adventure with a friend. My magical phone had alleged a high temperature of 87, I figured that if I go pushed through the heat quickly and stayed in nice cool roos, I'd squeak through.

Turns out the temp was actually 103, and that's "high in the air" temperature, not the "significantly hotter" of wheelchair height in a world of asphalt.

I was all too close to "completely 100% unable to control my legs in any way," which includes inability to transfer from/to anything, and what passes for "normal" nowadays didn't return until hours at home, lying down, in the air conditioning.

If I go outside today while the sun is up, it'll be before noon... I'll open the door, say "My that's hot," and go back inside. Ten seconds, maybe. At most.

Maybe five.

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