Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hard, and easy...

Man, Monday and Tuesday, what amazing oriental-medicine treatments. I'm still reeling from them.

And more than a few well-earned and well-deserved "Dude, do THIS" moments.

Time for a change, in many respects.

This is, I think, the secret path of the journey with MS... it puts you into direct contact with "Dude, you have SO got to do THIS" issues.

Many face-plants into the truth. Many face-plants into "you THINK you're telling the truth, but that's not the real truth..." and not letting me wiggle out until I had come to that very real truth. Capital-T Truth.

There's the truth from the ego, which we tell ourselves is the truth, and there's the truth from the Heart, which is the Real Truth.

Which the ego tells us is scary to face, but when we face it, it's not scary, it's ...


So, give up and lie down or try to do something creative?

One of the "Dude, you have SO got to..." moments involved facing the "doing" of creative work. You have to sit up at the computer or whatever, even if sitting up is no fun at ALL, and do it any way.

As best you can, while you can.

Which, after all, is the call placed before us by..... life.

There's MS stuff, and there's "life stuff," and they're not the same, except when they are.

Oh, that's easy to follow, isn't it?

But we always return to "tell the truth, with love."

Hard enough. And easy enough.

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