Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Art imitates life

Question is asked, "So how do you feel today?"



But things may be improving...sort of... kinda... who knows?

I had some remote Qigong work done this weekend. It definitely did SOMETHING, but what it was, I have no idea. Still working, maybe... see above, under "have no idea."

But, no adverse side effects. We like that.

Took care of some over-the-web business this morning. Might head to the bathroom to transact some  Bathroom Business, might get a quick snack to transact some Nutrition Business, might head to the bed to transact some Lie Down And Do Nothing Business.

Or all three.

So many of my fellow MS bloggers tell of so many rich adventures, even if they're only "inner" adventures, before which my Feebles seem to pale. But, as has been often said, the real jihad is the internal jihad, and each of us gets a custom-designed internal jihad placed before us, whether we're into it or not.

Which, I would presume, most would not. Oh well.

So, that seems to be it for now. No music. Snack, bathroom, bed.

Maybe I'll treat myself to an online Rick and Morty. a new series on Adult Swim.

The characters of which show are definitely doing the "internal jihad" polka. Some with more success than others... Morty's dad (on the left, in the picture below) has a humongous internal jihad, at which among so many other things he seems utterly incompetent, which makes him face-plant into reality very often, and very painfully.

Which actually, tragically enough, makes MS seem ... merciful.

Art imitates life, eh?

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