Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Emperor and the Coconut

The MS Highway is littered with metaphors...

OK, like many of us MSers, I have elimination problems. Physiologically there are all sorts of details and causes, but at the bottom line, elimination is about getting rid of stuff you don't need. Now, we have to fight simply to be able to do it... membership in the Cath Club, for instance, and learning new ways to use that and that (more details, if you cant guess them already you don't want, trust me) to get other elimination systems to actually eliminate.

And our frustration is, to put it quickly... we can't get rid of the stuff we no longer need.

And now look not at the body, but at life. At our spirit; at our heart (or as the acupuncturists call it, the Heart).

We are weighed down with things we don't need. Our ego which constantly clamors to be satisfied, our insatiable egos.

There is no catheter to drain the ego. There is no laxative, no suppository, to drain the ego.

For these, we need to change our minds...

And oh yeah, we should probably let go of that, too. My doc/acupuncturist/spiritual advisor told me yesterday that what I really needed to do was get into my Heart (yes, capital H) and out of my head.

The coconut (as another friend likes to call it) is not the emperor. The Heart is the Emperor.

Quit listening to the coconut.

That's one of the most important things to eliminate. And like all MSers, we need to retrain ourselves to eliminate differently.

So, among my many would-be projects, the one that needs to rise to the fore is ... elimination.

Pay attention to the Emperor. Live in the Heart.

And, although it does do reasonable things  at times... GET OUT OF THE COCONUT.

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