Friday, September 20, 2013

Jon Stewart speaks

Just a quick check-in, 'cause that's about the energy I have.

I'm sitting up, because the PT folks wanted me (us) to spend as much time in chairs as we could, so we didn't wind up spending so much time in beds. I'm probably gonna throw in the towel really soon and go back to bed anyway.

Had quite the acupuncturing yesterday; left feeling better, and not, and better. Which is typical for post-acupuncture feelings. Today? Better a little. Still wanna go back to bed as soon as I can... doing this with you folks is pretty much all I've got to give.

Next Tuesday, a re-check-in with the PT folks, which I have very little interest in doing, given how a lot of what they call "help" doesn't. Although, to be fair, they were the source of many good tips and excellent suggestions. When the tips and suggestions were good, at least. Thereafter, an appointment with the urologist, where I'll be inducted into the Nozzle and Straw society. (Insert tab A into slot B, and all that.) Which, my regular MD told me, has way more members than most people might think.

More acupuncturing next week. Gotta try to get for him the records of my hospital stay, to answer some of his questions about "t\They told you to take how much of that? Why?" So that he doesn't undo something that's actually worth doing, if he only knew what it was that they wanted to do. I have other follow up appointments, but my phone doesn't know them yet and thus neither do I. They're detailed on some piece of paper, whose location is also unknown to me, but my wife is vastly better organized than I am about these things, she knows where it is.

And where am I now, basically? Wanting to close my eyes and maybe listen to cartoons. Even more remotely, maybe music. But with my eyes closed... I don't like using my eyes much, at all. Have a prescription for new glasses, hope to get to "movable" enough to take that in and start the process. But first things first, e.g., see the urologist & his cronies.

And sleep. Lots of sleep.

Music isn't getting written, I can think about things but I can't take the time/energy right now to type them out. As Jon Stewart says, and as only he can say it... Right now,

"I got nothing"

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