Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Something old, something new

Are things... changing?

So, a friend of many years in the past sends me a Facebook note, and says, "I need such-and-such music written for me." So I did.

Another Friend From The Past sends me a Facebook note, asking me if there was any way their group could do some of my music? Yes, I'm sure they could. Lemme see what I can do...

And, in the middle of writing this blog-post to you, a nap. Not one that I had planned. It just kinda... happened. Given how much better I'm feeling right now, it was definitely necessary... but I thought that I had gotten over the "You have to sleep now now now" stuff that had, for several weeks, been ruling my life. I thought I had gotten over that. I guess not.

So, are things ... really changing? This afternoon, I feel like I've backtracked, back to a same-old, same-old,  time of unavoidable mandatory comes-over-me-whether-I-want-it-or-not napping. And yet, I started the day by writing music..

Something old, something new... Writing music is definitely "something old," but it has been something I haven't really been able to do for way too long, and today, it was no problem at all—and within the context of what I've been able (or not able) to do for months, writing music again is definitely "something new."

With luck, I won't have "something borrowed, something blue" added to my M.S. experience. "Something blue" in the world of Neurological Issues... is probably not a good sign.

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