Friday, January 11, 2013

Another no-side-effect prescription

Man, what an interesting day at the herbalist's. He took quite a while developing today's formula, and spent several minutes answering a lot of questions. He left my head spinning, given the amount of information he tossed my way, but it was fascinating, and he was wonderful in answering my questions. I wish I could repeat, even partially, the amazing things the told me...

But here's the bottom line. My experience of "the disease M.S." is not simply a result of scleroses and stripped myelin, even though those may indeed be present. My herbalist says that what's going on with me right now is indeed auto-immune wackiness at its roots, but it's much more than just myelin stripping. Some examples of what's going on: An infection in the sinus has one kind of cross-reactivity, the body's over-enthusiastic mis-directed attacks on pesticides and/or other crap that's just floating around the world have another kind of immune-system cross-reactivity... And thing upon thing upon thing malfunctioning means that this organ's acting up/wrong, which makes this other organ stops working correctly, which means that those other organs aren't going to behave properly... So, like I said earlier, there's way more to it than missing myelin. And from what he tells me that his practice indicates, what's missing/malfunctioning can be addressed by careful administration of specific herbs, with each herb directed to assist or correct in whatever's going wrong with the patient at the moment.

And here's one suggestion that I received that both this herbalist and my acupuncturist/neurologist/MD agree upon. If you recall an earlier posting, I had pain and spasticity absolutely and instantly vanish when I got shot with the IV gadolinium stuff they use in MRI's. Well, subsequently I got tested to see whether it was the gadolinium that made the magic happen, and it definitely didn't, so I figure... what else is in that shot? Something to carry the gadolinium, of course, and ... saline solution. So, besides MRI contrast medium, I got hit with a jolt of water and electrolytes. So, I asked both the herbalist and the MD, if I want to get my spasticity and leg pain to back off... maybe the first thing to try is just to drink more water?

They both responded with an enthusiastic YES! Give it a try!

I'm sure that in general I'm not as hydrated as I could/should be, given the puzzling and flat-out-MIS-behavior of my bladder; I'm careful not to drink much before I'm going to drive for a long time, so I don't have to deal with "oh great... NOW?!?" moments on the freeway. But if I'm not leaving the house, I really just need to drink. More. A lot more. And just deal with the bladder nonsense, which while I'm at home, isn't that nonsensical. Well, yes it is that nonsensical, but at least I don't have that far to run before "the issues" get seen to.

Well, here we go again... another treatment prescribed that has basically zero side effects. Except needing to stay near a bathroom.

Given the world of side effects that I've heard beguile us who travel the M.S. Highway... no pain, no spasticity, stay near the bathroom? That's a deal I can live with.

And so, as I'm finishing typing this, my leg's getting twitchy, so... Water, here we come!


Muffie said...

I totally agree with you about the hydration. I notice a lessening of spasticity when I drink more water. I'm the same as you, though, when I have to be away from the house -- I practically dehydrate myself!

Webster said...

This is a very good reminder to me for when my legs get twitchy. Drink more water before popping another baclofen. Another benefit is that it promotes regularity, which is a good thing, especially if you're going to be home and near a bathroom anyway. Also, fewer UTIs.