Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Chair Wars

Not a long time ago, or all that far away....

Chair Wars... continues.

In my college years, I was known to do (I like to think) humorous Super-8-sound films, including a send-up of the George Lucas universe. Among other things. Given the ease of Digital Everything nowadays, the ADA-Unfriendly World may very well provide enough material to do another one. Who will be Vader? Who will be Yoda? I ain't carrying anyone on MY back while I'm fighting with the chair, that's for damned sure.

Planning continues for my Great Solo Adventure to Texas. Solo, but for my friend the wheelchair. Spent some time in it yesterday in the company of friends in a lovely park in Santa Monica... my state varied between "This is easy... and fun!" and "I'm getting a little too tired to make it all the way" and "Oh @#$@#$ I was nearly thrown out of my chair" as I went over (but fortunately not "went over," head-over-heels "over") an almost-wheelchair-friendly divot at the end of a ramp.

One thing that really scares me is the slant of driveways. Maybe I'll be "sucked," gravity-well-of-the-black-hole-style, down the driveway into the street, or to a sudden nasty stop at the divot at the interface of the driveway and the street... Well, at least I've had some experience with "Now, how exactly am I going to fall?" moments. Then again, maybe I'll be sucked over sideways... again, gravity-well-style.

Man, life in a wheelchair is the most amazing Physics-Class-Experiment-Demonstration experience.

And quite a surprise (and not a good one)... the wheels on this chair are not all that wide, so the whole thing can skid down too extreme a ramp.

Just called the hotel I'll be staying at in Texas; they said that their individual hotel doesn't have a shuttle from the airport, but the hotels on the Riverwalk all have a common shuttle. I think I may take up the travel agent on their "rent someone who'll take care of YOU" service... dunno how much it's gonna cost yet, but being a stranger in a strange land, all alone but for my wheelchair and not knowing exactly what I may be facing, it may very well be worth the price.

Another adventure, either today or tomorrow... the wheelchair ramp at the post office, because I have to go there to mail something to someone in Indiana (I think). Or, I may make the (not all that long) drive to the post office without the ramp. We'll see what tomorrow hold.

Later today, a break with my wife at a favorite Taiwanese Tea Place. Did some good computer work earlier today, even managed to haul some dirty clothes to the washing machine. And didn't fall over. Or drop them. Will I do another load? Dunno... Will I go to bed, so I'm properly rested and ready for the Tea Adventure?

Heck yeah.

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Katja said...

Using a wheelchair has given me an exquisite appreciation for Newton's 3rd law. Coping with cross slope, slope in general, and surface irregularities will get better with more experience.

If you can stand up and get into the hotel shuttle, you ought to be fine without a special transportation arrangement (says the woman who has bumped herself up shuttle steps on her butt), unless the primary concern is time rather than access.