Tuesday, December 18, 2012

In a word

Well, we're still trying to unravel the Gadolinium Mystery, as to why suddenly upon the IV injection my spasticity and pain suddenly disappeared.

One of my Medical Team today did some investigation, and said that as far as he could tell, it wasn't the gadolinium itself... Unfortunately, he didn't have any idea what might have caused it, maybe some artifact of the magnetic resonance he thought? I'm personally not to sanguine about that as the reason, because I had been inside that giant magnet for quite a while and it was doing nothing to ameliorate the spasms, which POOF! disappeared instantly at the moment of injection.

Another mystery, I guess.

While I was under the roof of said Medical Team member, I got a new herbal formula, one part a combination of several herbs, another component involved instructions about how to take a single herb in concert with olive oil, which he says will be of particular, almost magical, virtue, for me in my current situation.

I love that about Chinese-style herbalists... the formula you get today is specific to you and how you are today. None of this "is thought to xyz in abc% of patients taking it... maybe. We think."

In other news... to add insult to injury (literally), I got a letter from my insurance company. I had raised a ruckus about how they wouldn't pay for my wheelchair unless it was pre-approved, in advance, prescription to purchase it notwithstanding. Not only did they say that well, it has to be that way, but moreover I need to buy my wheelchair from such-and-such a purveyor, and no other.

'Course, the purveyor they want me to use is in San Diego. Four f@#$@ing hours away from my house, assuming zero traffic on a completely empty freeway. The purveyor that's ten minutes away from my house, or the one I pass every time I go to my doctor (whom they also don't like paying for), they're no good—they won't pay for it if I get it near my house.

Profanity fails me, to describe this. And, boy, I do know a lot of profanity, in several languages. I know how to say "consume excrement and perish" in Middle Egyptian. Which is what I'd like to stamp on the foreheads of the insurance company's people that think I'm going to be willing to spend eight hours behind the wheel of a car just to make them happy.

In a word, [beep] you.

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