Wednesday, September 5, 2012

We'll see...

A nice, gentle, acupuncturing today. Most of what we talked about was my doctor's daughter's wedding that happened just last weekend (many others there called it "perfect" and "best wedding ever," always nice when the attendees agree with Papa about things like that) and how to approach some Western-medical issues I'm having.

I think I'm ready for another memento mori moment... I just heard that there was an article in the school's general-community/alumni newsletter about my (and a couple of my former colleagues') departure. I'm hoping that, when everything's said and done, I laugh.

I laugh at passing out and hitting the ground, I laugh at my bladder's misbehavior... if I'm lucky, I'll laugh at this, too.

Earlier this week, I was actually starting to get the "music writing" thing back underway. The "creative" thing. Today's acupuncture treatment was (among other purposes) aimed specifically at getting that working again. We'll see what happens tomorrow...

Hope springs eternal.

Also on the "prescription" list... exercise. Try this particular gentle self-massage. Drink more water. Take more magnesium. Drink more water. Create. Enjoy what the season gives. Rinse, lather, repeat, as the saying goes.

Hope springs eternal... we'll see what happens tomorrow.

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