Sunday, October 16, 2011

New paths

Did something new this week: I did a magic trick at my high school's talent show. The kids did the "heavy lifting" of the show; they called in the faculty to fill time while the judges were settling on the prize winners.

The effect I did was, really, about having M.S., but I never used those words; the closest I got was calling it "this disease," and that only once. I did it from my wheelchair, the powered wheelchair the kids are used to seeing me use to trundle around campus. The kids themselves told me that it was OK to do that... and, given the real subject of the performance, it was quite fitting.

But the trick had a happy ending; it was about transformation, and kindness, and love.

It went well, and the audience enjoyed it.

But my wife said that as I performed it, it looked more like "me" than me-doing-magic has in the past. "Like you weren't wearing someone else's clothes," was how she put it.

Is this the start of something new? Well, who knows? But I'm definitely going to follow this path—especially since as a metaphorical path, at least I won't have to worry about falling down.

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