Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Needles and Tarot

A very poetic treatment today, at the acupuncturist's; points included the Inner and Outer Frontier Gates, the Gate of Hope, the Great Hammer, and the Spirit Path.

That last one, the spirit path... that's something that I know that I am being called to walk. It's going to be hard... I can tell already. But it is very, very, necessary.

In Vegas, I got a tarot reading from a very, very perceptive person. Tarot is an interesting thing; it's not about "telling the future" or "telling you what to do" or "messages from the spirit world" or any nonsense like that. It's a metaphor, from which you take whatever meaning you see in it. A good reader will show you things to look at, but you're the one who makes the real connections.

And the real zinger cards were The Devil and The Hanged Man. Lots of interesting stuff in both cards, but here are the kickers: Held by the Devil in chains are a man and a woman—but look at how the chains are merely draped around their necks. They could leave, if they wanted to; they're captive because that's their choice.

The Hanged Man is not about "someone being tortured," it's about seeing things in new ways. Yogis do inversions to (among many other reasons) help them look at the world differently; if you're looking at things the wrong way, change the way you look at them.

When the acupuncturist and the tarot cards are saying exactly the same things—time for a change: a big change—the Universe is trying to get your attention. (Another meaning of The Devil—there's a message trying to get through to you and you ain't listening.) Heck, even Tiny Buddha has been talking about listening.

The message is clear...

Time to listen.

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