Monday, May 30, 2011

Today's question

I picked up a rose for my wife the other day. A plant, not just a cut flower, in a cute little tin.

After a more than a "few" days inside, it was looking quite worn. It had definitely passed its prime, as a "lovely houseplant."

I didn't toss it in the "plant recycling" bin; I put it outside, on the back porch.

In two hours (if that long) it was looking much better. Clearly, being outside, had made it very happy. Immediately.

"Outside" was what it needed. Being as it was just a plant, it's not really possible to say that being outside was what it "wanted"-- but needed? Oh yeah. Instantly obvious, how it sprang back to life, when it got what it truly needed.

So, that's the question for today... what do I need? My neurological impairments are acting up; I feel like I'm on the edge of needing a cane inside the house, there are other issues I don't think you want to hear about but oh, do I get to hear about them, it's at least 72 degrees and my legs feel, more often than not, nasty cold... And that's just body; my mind and spirit definitely feel like they've been mistreated, like they want some TLC, like they want something as crucial to them as sunlight was to that poor little plant.

So... what do I need? I don't know... it's not like "what do I want" is that much easier of a question. But if I could only answer one of them, I'd answer the first.

Well, at least one thing's clear: answering that very question is very clearly... one of the things that I need.

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nicole said...

Wants vs needs...the age old battle continues. Good Luck!