Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A new koan

A very interesting entry today on the Tiny Buddha blog, about attachment. It opens with the words of the Buddha:
You only lose what you cling to.
Some interesting implications/conundrums/or-is-it-that-I'm-just-missing-the-point semi-understandings follow that idea.

I'm definitely clinging to my departing-every-day, non-MS life. Oh, I'm definitely losing that. But the MS road is the human road: Things change; nothing is permanent. Things you loved, depart. We just can't hide from it as well as we used to be able to.

And now, to be completely honest, I'm clinging to... Avoidance. Denial.

How is clinging to that going to make it depart?

Perhaps I'd only see that truth... if I weren't in denial.

Now, there's a koan for you. It's certainly a koan for me.

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