Monday, August 23, 2010

How are you doing?

People often ask me "how it's going."

Well, let's see. Walking is becoming more... interesting, that's a polite way of talking about it... and more "interesting" every day. I'm using a wheeled walker rather than the two-cane system, right now (officially called by some distributors a "rollinator"). When I'm walking in stocking feet, my spirits are reasonably up, but if I have to walk in shoes, I immediately go into an "I want a wheelchair, now" headspace. Various other systems are behaving, uh, let's call it "idiosyncratically." Fatigue remains a huge problem. Driving... I've officially given up on my beloved manual-transmission truck, I'm never going to drive stick again unless things change hugely and radically, and driving even the auto-transmission vehicle is definitely in "some days yes, some days no." Looks like I'm gonna have to replace the truck, and given my financial situation (in a word, "M.S.") that's also going to be ... interesting.

Then again, I go to lectures by people like Crispin Freeman. I just attended a workshop by Bobby Dickman on storytelling. I'm working on a presentation for a conference in October. Some doors of creativity are narrowing or closing, others are opening quite wide. I'm blessed by spending time in a space of profundity, clarity, and joy.

So, how am I doing?

In quotidian ways... inconvenienced. Perplexed. Stymied.

On roads that are ineffable... oh, clearly: the fun is just beginning.

So, how am I doing? Interesting question...

Especially because the answers, even to the perplexed and stymied side of the equation, involve the word "interesting." And the air quotes I make when I say that word make it even more "interesting."

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