Monday, May 18, 2009

Brighter (for the moment)

Well, yesterday and today were much better than Saturday. Sunday did have one dark moment where a colleague of mine told me about something that had happened at work and I cannot believe how angry it made me, when I heard about it. You know how desert horned toads are supposed to be able to shoot blood out of their eyes? I was that mad. I spent a lot of time in that state, the two years before my MS diagnosis, and I had thought I was past all that, whatever it was. So... I guess I'm not.

Great. Something else to work on.

New shoes, yesterday. Very interesting, the shoes have been over the last couple of years. It takes a while for your shoes to get used to you. But as time keeps going by, you keep changing, but your shoes don't... which means that at some point, your shoes will start trying to force you into a shape/way of holding yourself that is now outdated. I had a single pair of shoes that I wore pretty much non-stop during the years I spent angry all the time (as I mentioned above), and when I stopped wearing them, my attitude very suddenly improved. My anger attack was Sunday morning; I got new shoes Sunday afternoon. The anger has mostly passed.

Except when I think about it, it comes back. Not as acutely as it was when I first experienced it, but it's still there.

Great. Something else to work on.


Stuff could always be worse said...

So glad your shoes made you feel better.

Robert Parker said...

New shoes are cheaper and safer than Tysabri, eh? Hey, if that's all it takes, we're all in MUCH better shape than we think.