Tuesday, February 24, 2009


It's been a bad couple of weeks. The last week has been especially bad.

Something about energy malfunctions--not "lack of perkiness" or "oh, I'm just a little tired," but energy from the acupuncture perspective--makes the MS go nuts. Another contributing factor on the Western medical side is that since I don't feel hunger so much any more, I tend to not eat when I'm supposed to, which means low blood sugar, and since the nervous system runs on glucose...well, you get the idea. Not eating enough makes the MS go nuts too.

As I've mentioned often before, my sensitivity is way up. Which means I'm feeling crappy with remarkable presence and clarity.

Something I've been appreciating very much this week has been the smiles of my students. Now, you may find it unusual that someone can take such joy in the company of fourteen- and fifteen-year-olds, but they really are very sweet, and good jokes and nice smiles have been some of the only things that've kept me on my feet for the last couple of days.

Sensitivity also has an upside.

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Jen Hanson said...

Bob, your writing about your struggles is beautiful, funny, "deep"--just like you! We coast along half-aware of our surroundings and bodies most of the time--necessarily so, in some cases, as you are finding out. To be forced into the clanging sensitivity you are facing sounds exhausting mentally as well as physically. AND your world is one of creativity, teaching, nurturing (admit it--that's what teachers do), which are draining in and of themselves. I would be a fricking irritable nervous wreck, but sounds like you are using your many innate resources and external support to carry on. I hope you turn a corner soon.

Jen Hanson, a fan since 1978