Tuesday, July 16, 2013

We'll see

So, how am I doing? Same every day, different every day. Just like life, y'know...

A very VERY medical day, yesterday. Spent the day at some doctor, driving to said doctor, driving between doctors, driving home from doctors. First visit was acupuncturist/MD-neurologist/dharma talk. A very powerful treatment. And actually, even the needles didn't hurt that bad. (Mostly.)

At least the schedule permitted a nice lunch... Stopped off at Gottsui, a lovely okonomiyaki place in the Santa-Monica neighborhood people call "Little Osaka." Nice menu, very tasty, very nice staff--if you're in the area, I recommend it.

I recommend it for many reasons, one of which is the term itself, "okonomiyaki," means something to do with "whatever you like." Alton Brown has called quiche "refrigerator pie" because you could put pretty much any left-overs you find in the refrigerator into the quiche... same with okonomiyaki. You like it? Throw it in. And how often do you get something dedicated to "whatever you like"?

"Cabbage pancake" sounds iffy, in our IHOP world, but it's really quite wonderful. 'Course, you do need to grate yamaimo into the batter, an odd mucilaginous ingredient that's very foreign to the western kitchen, but it really does add something very nice to the dish. Another story for another time... Fortunately, I find no metaphors to share in the goopiness of grated yamaimo. And don't need to. Really don't need to.

But c'mon... When a day is as hard as yesterday was, it's nice to have even a little fun.

New herbal formula today, not a bad flavor! Quite reminiscent of  "Ho Shou Wu," a very old formula said to have turned its inventor's gray hair black. We'll see about that.

Physical therapy in a couple of hours... I find the whole experience very deeply intrusive, we'll see if the "happy vibe" from yesterday's doctor's visits, which somehow still managed to survive the exhausting day-of-driving, can make it past the therapy experience.

Again... we'll see about that.

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