Friday, May 3, 2013

Now (repeat)

Ah, good intentions...

Thursday, I had an excellent PT session with a new PT'er. She gave me some wonderful new exercises, including one which functionally (to all external observations, at least) is pretty much the first of the "eight steps," the hassetsu, of kyudo: ashibumi, setting the feet. Again, kyudo as specific therapy for MS and concomitant complications. Except for PT, I also do it "backwards," from the hassetsu point of view, stepping away from rather than toward the target. Gotta exercise muscles on both sides of the body, and all that.

So, Good Intention #1: Do physical therapy.

Also on the list: write some music. A couple of days ago, I think I came to a "oh, that's how to do it!" realization about this one movement that I still need to write. Now, I have what I needed to really begin. Hooray!

Good intention #2: Really dig in to the music that I've been hoping to write. Finally, I can.

Oops! Nope. None of those are gonna happen, at least not right now.

I'm being mowed over by the "Go to bed now now now now now" demon.  I will first try to assuage said demon by siting outside in the sun, enjoying the warmth and the air. And if that ain't good enough, I'm going to bed.

Oh well. Those intentions were good, though.

More news... with luck, different news, next time. Because the beast cries most persistently... I must go to bed now now now now now.

I dunno how "merry" that is for the "merry month of May," but it is a nice day outside. All the windows are open to let in the lovely, fresh air. The perfect thing for ... going to be. Now now now now now.

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