Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Learned a bunch of stuff about The Disease (and my expression of it) yesterday and my MD/neurologist/acupuncturist's.

He says that The Disease seems to have changed radically in the years of his practice. When he first started training in such things, he said that all this "bladder stuff" simply didn't exist. Some patients may have had them, but common? Rampant? Nope. Not on the radar, as a "happens to lots of people" problem.

Likewise "cognitive issues." Not a problem. Again, someone may have had them, but as a "general" or common symptom, nope.

He's amazed to find how many MSers have bladder issues. Lots of them, apparently... and "cognitive issues?" Yup, they're all over the place, it would seem. Although for many of his patients, there's stuff they forget but the "clear" thinking is very, very clear. Dangerously clear. As though it might have even been amplified by The Disease. A gift of M.S., as it were...

Now, the "having problems with names," he at least knows where that comes from. If you have lesions in a certain part of the brain's corpus collosum, you have name-remembering issues. At least that's clear. But why so many people have bladder issues nowadays, but "many people" didn't used to... that, he doesn't know. And, probably, neither does anyone else. Given the ads for bladder "control" drugs and appliances, which are also rampant nowadays, bladder issues may not be the exclusive fault of The Disease... but that's another question.

We talked about some of the issues I'm dealing with, nowadays; "sensory ataxia" is one of the fun Greek medical words he tossed off. What's there to be done about that? Well... nobody knows.

But one thing though, is clear, and actionable, and will improve one's life experience, the "experience of being alive."

Healing the spirit.

Classical five-element acupuncture is very big on this, there are many points that are very much intended for just that purpose. (And many of which I got yesterday.)

So, friends who tread the Neurological Highway, this is another treatment with no negative side effects, of which we can all freely, and copiously, partake. Yeah, getting needled by the right person in places like the Kidney meridian point "Spirit Storehouse" do have their advantages, but we all know what makes our spirit vibrate in its own special happy place. at its own special "happy frequency."

So there's my homework for today. Going to lie down for a while (yup, "that" is back again) and then I'm going to try to be happy, why not?

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Muffie said...

Perhaps the bladder issues always existed, but patients were loath to discuss them. Nowadays, everything is out in the open, and no subject is taboo.
You're right -- it costs us nothing to be happy, and the results are endless!