Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Another rainy day in Sou Cal. Being a freeway-bound culture, with drivers apparently genetically wired to go 70+ MPH at the slightest opportunity, rain brings everything to an immediate, and usually crashing, halt. It rains so infrequently that oil and dust pretty much cake the roads, and the first couple of days of rain, before the roads wash clean, the roads are the slipperiest.

Put another way... within the first couple of days, everyone who's too stupid not to drive safely has gotten into an accident. By the third day, Darwin has cleared the roads, and things are calmer.

Rather a shock, at my treatment today. I was doing... well, it seemed. I was energized, and in good shape. A couple of needles specifically for MS symptoms, some slight mid-course corrections, a little tonification, and out the door. Haven't had a treatment like that in months. I do need some body work and chiropractic, but still... doing well?

Good thing, too, because I've got music to write, music to practice (for a concert at the end of this month), lights to design, costumes to design, a puppet to build (with some student help, fortunately). Let's not even talk about the stuff I want to do. That's just the "got to do" list.

I guess I'm back on the "overachiever" track. For now, at least. Heck, merely "achieving," and achieving anything beyond "I made it to work today," is a nice change.

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