Friday, July 7, 2017

Shiny moments

Simple joys... Sometimes in the past but no longer present with me here and now.

Simple joy of whisking matcha in the morning, then brewing oolong to enjoy all day. The sweetness of the air in the pre-too-damn-hot summer morning. The purr of our cat.

The simple joy of hearing my wife as one of the voices in Little Witch Academia--on Netflix, even!
She's voicing professors who aren't always the nicest, but she's quite amazing! The academy is kinda like Hogwarts, the teachers Karen voices are sort of Snape without the kindness, but damn, she's awesome!

Enjoy the joys that are presented you. Where they come from doesn't matter.

Many things are fading, is it age or MS? Who can say? But the simplicity of just grabbing and controlling my hand while I try to grab something... And of course, how much life changes when you spend 24/7 in either a wheelchair or a bed, who has time to hear about it? Although the simple joy of getting the wheelchair up the ADA ramp, or through the doors inside the house, is indeed welcome.

Haven't quite come to peace with typing things like I am now, especially with the flurry of mistypes and miscorrections and tries AGAIN to get things hyped correctly... Ain't no fun.

Well, that's what I got the strength for at the moment. Be well, and as the little witch would say, be shiny!

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