Saturday, August 20, 2016

First, an apology and a correction. I am sorry that my recollection, and thus my writing on it, were incorrect. My doctor-turned-friend is going the Big Chemo route; he is definitely gonna just give up and go gentle into that good night. Quite the opposite!

Moving on... (As Steven Colbert the character used to say frequently.) First, I can't tell you enough how important it is to care for your caregiver. Wife got sent off to see a favorite artist/band, PJ Harvey. She came back glowing, and still is.

I have been introduced to an entirely new (to me) medical world. Stravinsky called the organ "the monster that never breathes," but I wonder how he would have spoken of The Hospital, which is a very interesting non-localized creature indeed. I am currently transitioning to a new GP ("internist" on the label) whom I first met during a hospitalization. I really like her, I really connect well to her. But my last guy had what my wife has called a "boutique" practice; the guy who mans the front desk gives great help, but he can only do so much. My new doc has web stuff and all this useful info about prescriptions and even more! I need blood drawn, just go down the hall! Need a podiatrist? We know where to send you, our office makes the referral and their office will call.

A whole new world! But isn't that what traveling the MS Highway inevitably leads each of us...

Things DO change. Constantly; and yet never. Or as afriend said years ago...

Why not both?

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